Aladdin's Eatery

93% love it
Middle Eastern fave
The gay-popular Highland Square location of this chain is known for serving up delicious, inexpensive helpings of creative Middle Eastern fare. It's a great place to go with vegetarians as well.


    • wayneb27
      wayneb27 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Healthy food, flawless service
      I dine at Aladdin's at least twice a week. The healthy food is flavorful and the variety is awesome. My favorites are the chicken chili and the Greek Pitza. The wait staff is friendly and professional.

    • leatherskin78
      leatherskin78 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Part of a regional chain
      Aladdin's in Akron is part of chain of Lebanese-style cafes in Ohio and a few other states. I emphasize "lebanese-style" not authenic Lebanese. Don't expect Arabic music, exotic surroundings, or flavorful food. The menu is strictly pedestrian and Anglo friendly. Smoothies, Americanized versions of Arabic specialties, and grocery store-style flatbread are served in addition to stand-by favorites like baklava pastry, stuffed grape leaves, and grilled lamb. Some disappointments: my salad was drenched in crumbled feta, completely overpowering the greens. The grilled lamb pita sandwich was tough and chewy and the "bite sized" pieces were actually so big that I could barely chew them. The service was not very speedy or attentive either. Tends to be a date restaurant on weekends. Not very gay, but the vegetarian specialties and allegedly "foreign" ambience attract sophisticated gay guys. It's OK, but not great.